President's Words
Geographically located at the heart of Asia and a historical gateway to the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan is poised to function as an Asian Roundabout. It is not aid, but market access, transit investment and regional cooperation that we seek to assume our rightful place in the rank of developmental states and countries and serve as an anchor of international and regional stability.


Agricultural Growth and Government’s Initiatives in last Three Years
29 Jul 2017

Country’s agriculture contributes 31 percent to the national revenue and provides jobs to 80 percent of the country’s population.

President Ghani's Visit to Turkmenistan; Importance, Objectives and Achievements
05 Jul 2017

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan arrived in Turkmenistan on a one-day visit at the invitation of Turkmenistan’s president earlier this week.

Promotion of saffron cultivation; progresses and programs
03 Jul 2017

Government of Afghanistan is decisive to take greater and quicker steps to promote and extend cultivation, productivity and trade of saffron.

Government and the Management of Water Resources of the Country
18 Jun 2017

According to the latest data published by the World Bank, 44% of country’s work force is engaged in the agricultural sector, and as result, the income of 60% of the families supplied by this sector.

Review of violence drivers and measures to counter them from President Ashraf Ghani’s perspective
05 Jun 2017

Afghanistan is facing growing armed violence, not a civil war. There are other drivers such as activities of over 20 terrorist groups...

Government’s Major Gains and Activities in 2016
16 Apr 2017

Afghan government succeeded to have extensive achievements in spite of organizational structure, security, economic and social problems and challenges.

Objectives, Strategy and Structure of Decision-making in Afghanistan’s foreign policy; from the Perspective of the Constitution and the President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani
16 Mar 2017

Successful approach in interacting with the world and region is one of the achievements of the National Unity Government;