President's Words
We believe that the combination of industrialists, the state and society create the virtuous triangle of Afghanistan’s stability and welfare in which the Afghan industrialists are the base, because the countries themselves must be producers to exist. Our industrialists are the main element that embody our economic prospects and policies.

Pilgrimage of Khurqa Sharif and Pray for Permanent Peace and Stability in the Country

11 Jun 2018

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited Kandahar province with high-ranking government delegation, on Monday, June 11, 2018. The purpose of the visit was to go to Khurqa Mubarak and pray for permanent peace and stability in the country, and review the general security situation in Kandahar province. President was welcomed by civilian, military officials and senior officials at the Kandahar International Airport. After the pilgrimage of Khurqa Sharif, he performed prayers and breaking fasting with the Ulema and elders of Kandahar. The president also examined the general situation of Kandahar in the security meeting. He returned to Kabul by the end of his a day trip.

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