President's Words
Geographically located at the heart of Asia and a historical gateway to the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan is poised to function as an Asian Roundabout. It is not aid, but market access, transit investment and regional cooperation that we seek to assume our rightful place in the rank of developmental states and countries and serve as an anchor of international and regional stability.

Ministry of Counter Narcotics


A green and narcotics-free Afghanistan is the vision of Ministry of Counter Narcotics. 

In accordance with the Constitution, Counter Narcotics Law and Afghanistan National Development Strategy, the ministry’s vision is consist of preparing and making policies, strategies and programs at a national level, budget coordination with Ministry of Finance for preparation and implementation of the ministries’ programs as well as coordination with the relevant state offices in the area of countering narcotics, and receiving reports from their activities in this area. In addition, MCN monitors on implementation of National Drug Control Strategy and provide reports on that.

The ministry, along with other relevant offices, functions on implementation of the National Drug Action Plan which indicates Afghanistan’s ambition and determination to pursue a balanced, comprehensive, coherent and sustainable strategy for fighting against producing, trading and consuming narcotics. This plan follows three common goals in cooperation with the regional and transregional states, private sector and non-governmental organizations so that it can strengthen efforts in the area of tackling narcotics. The three goals are reduction in poppy cultivation, lowering the producing and trafficking of narcotics, lessening demands for narcotics, and enhancing the capacity to treat addicts.

Alternative development and sustainable agriculture as well as elimination of poppy fields are two areas which are taken into consideration in order to reduce narcotics cultivation.

In order to lessen the producing and trafficking of narcotics the areas which are focused on are confiscation of narcotics, fighting money laundry, confiscation of property and goods achieved through narcotics, and regional and international cooperation.

A number of preventive measures and initiatives are taken for treatment of addicts in order to decrease demands for narcotics and enhance capacity of addicts.  


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