President's Words
Geographically located at the heart of Asia and a historical gateway to the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan is poised to function as an Asian Roundabout. It is not aid, but market access, transit investment and regional cooperation that we seek to assume our rightful place in the rank of developmental states and countries and serve as an anchor of international and regional stability.

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled


The ministry’s mission is to, along with the government’s efforts, function on reducing poverty and vulnerability through making policy and legal framework for coordination, creating equal employment opportunities and suitable jobs for all, providing social protection particularly for women, children and families of martyrs and disabled.

General goals of MoLSAMD are consist of the following:

-Promoting and developing suitable jobs for all through development of effective labor market;

-Reducing the risk of poverty through development of social protection;

-Reducing poverty and social isolation through supportive social activities;

-Reinforcing the social care service network for immunity of children, disabled, juveniles, elderlies, and strengthening their social engagement; 

-Strengthening social awareness regarding those strata and people who are socially marginalized;

-And enhancing capacity of MoLSAMD to develop the administration and implement national policies of labor and social protection.

In order to fully perform its duty, MoLSAMD moves forward four programs namely Labor Welfare and Skill Development Program, Program for Welfare of the Families of Martyrs and Disabled, Social Welfare Program, Administration and Finance Capacity Development Program.


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