President's Words
We believe that the combination of industrialists, the state and society create the virtuous triangle of Afghanistan’s stability and welfare in which the Afghan industrialists are the base, because the countries themselves must be producers to exist. Our industrialists are the main element that embody our economic prospects and policies.

Main Discussion Points of the Cabinet on March 04, 2018

04 Mar 2018

• Draft law of Bankruptcy 
• Draft law of Administrative Executions
• Draft law of Military Crimes
• Draft law of Road Transportation Regulation
• Amendment in some articles of the Civil Servants Law
• Draft attachment no. 2 of Principles of Commercial Trials Law
• Draft attachment no. 2 of Executions of Penal Law regarding implementation of alternatives to imprisonment and confinement of minors
• Modification of item 4 of article 4 of the Treaties and International Covenants Law
• Amendment in some articles of the Structure and Authority of AGO Law
• Adding Afn 1.5 billion to the development budget, as an annex to the fiscal year 1397 budget for eight development projects

Cabinet Approves Bankruptcy Draft Law and Discusses over 8 Legislative Documents