President's Words
We believe that the combination of industrialists, the state and society create the virtuous triangle of Afghanistan’s stability and welfare in which the Afghan industrialists are the base, because the countries themselves must be producers to exist. Our industrialists are the main element that embody our economic prospects and policies.


The main topics of the Cabinet meeting dated July 05, 2017
05 Jul 2017

Maintenance of schools in Kabul, especially Amani and Zarghouna high schools

Major Discussing Points of Cabinet Meeting on June 21, 2017
21 Jun 2017

Suicide attack which tore through Zanbaq Square

Cabinet’s meeting main discussion points on May 10, 2017
10 May 2017

Consensus, harmony and national unity

Major Discussed Points of the Cabinet Meeting April 12, 2017
12 Apr 2017

Progress Report on the Implementation of Approvals 1 to 15 of Cabinet in the Year 2016

Main discussion point of the Cabinet meeting on March 30, 2017
30 Mar 2017

Capacity and performance of staff within the structure of Department of Government Affairs, Ministry of Justice;

Major Discussed Points at the Cabinet Meeting on March 2, 2017
02 Mar 2017

Need to Distribute eTazkera

Major Discussed Points at the Cabinet Meeting on February 8, 2017
08 Feb 2017

Helping to the Injured & Sufferers of Snowstorm Affected at the Provinces