Maintaining Peace Requiring Everyone’s Effort

06 Jul 2015

The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting with Council of Ulima – Religious Scholars – have stated that they, as heritors of the prophets, have safeguarded the national and Islamic values, prevented the nation from darkness – ignorance – and directed them toward the right path. He has demanded them to regularly present comprehensive information through tribunes of the Masjids based on vivid instructions about the value and excellence of peace in Islam. 

The president has insisted that, each individual calling himself an Afghan and wants Afghanistan, needs to prepare to negotiate in order to maintain peace. In a country which is tired of war, every individual definitely expects peace and security. Peace Process should not be halted and limited to the individuals’ perspectives.

It is essential to strengthen each effort for peace and stability in the country through support of people in order to move forward successfully, because internal and foreign enemies of Afghans have always hampered this process, and sought their interests in protraction of war and fratricide in our homeland. Ulima of the country are able to further preach among the people so that we can attain this blessed objective, peace, through changing the minds of the people.
Interventionists always encroach upon the people of a nation desiring peace and welfare if there would be an atmosphere of distrust between them. Therefore, peace and security are keys to development and improvement of a nation and it is our spiritual duty and patriotic responsibility to support them. 

It is clear that, by the fact itself, all people agree to maintain peace, security and national unity in the country, and no one but the enemies want to misuse it as a tool for achieving their personal favor and play with the desire of the nation, but how to achieve peace is the matter that needs effort, work, sacrifice, sincerity and self-devotion.

Despite a number of elements insist on continuance of war, various institutions inside and outside the country are emphasizing on protraction of the talks with government oppositions, and insisting that ending war devoid of negotiation is impossible.

Therefore, the government of Afghanistan has deliberated different ways to establish talks with the oppositions in order to attain peace. We have been eye-witnessed of national and international attempts made by officials of National Unity Government especially within the recent months after formation of this government and we are hopeful to get the desired outcomes.

If we believe that foreigners and enemies of Afghanistan seek their interests in continuation of war and insecurity in Afghanistan and make us, the Afghans, to fight and kill each other. If nothing else, we – the Afghans – need to understand peace and fraternity, and forbid the impermissible aims of the foreign interventionists through strengthening our unity; otherwise, we will not be able to achieve peace and economic development in the country.  

Through believing in peace and good instructions of Islam, it is possible to achieve approaches to achieve peace and obviate disputes in opinions between the political groups so that the process can move forward toward success.

Council of Ulimma along with other religious scholars, scientists, experts as well as sensible people of Afghanistan will be able to provide numerous facilities for this process. It could be said that, with the help of Allah, we will be able to fulfill the desire of Afghan people through steady and uninterrupted efforts. 

Threats and dangers which exist with regard to the future only can be restrained when our people get together for peace and support it consciously. Masjids and Religious Scholars of the country as fundamental keys to penetrate the hearts of the Muslim people of our country can expedite the approach, which seems challenging, to achieve the peace.
Recent acts seen on international level mainly in neighboring countries, talks held in Qatar, Dubai, Norway and other places and the vigorous willing of the National Unity Government’s officials have increased the hopes.

God willing, Afghans certainly achieve their ambitions, as Allah has promised that ‘Adversity leads to prosperity’. Afghans deserve to be free of challenges, wars, destruction and killings. May one day peace is maintained throughout Afghanistan and Afghans can live in a peaceful condition.