Work Plan of Ministries to Be Implemented

06 Jul 2015

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during opening session of presenting 100-day plans by the ministries which started on 5th of Jawza, said, “In order to build confidence between people and the government, it is required to separate short term and long term objectives. 

The ministers are under direct supervision of people, the government and civil society institutions particularly media.
Decisions will be taken about the ministers by the end of 100 days. On this stage, the ministers are obliged to entirely provide services for people. 100-day plan assists the Lower House – Wolsi Jirga – to supervise how the plans are implemented. Each ministry needs to accomplish the tasks given to them for their clients and people. The ministers themselves need to mend matters in order to build trust and carry out their upcoming tasks. 

In accordance with the provided procedure, the ministers need to elucidate all their plans to be implemented for the next five years. The second stage of the 100-day plan which will be commenced three months later, the governors along with ministers will consistently explain and practice their plans.  As part of the program on the next stage, countering against corruption, and reforms in judicial institutions of the country are the plans which are directly evaluated and supervised by the President.

Mapping out the first 100-day plan of the minsters has been started while the people and civil society institutions expect that the president and the cabinet to fulfill their pledges and give priority to countering against corruption in addition to providing better services.

Subsequent to a series of overseas visits on the first days of his administration, the president expressed that additional attentions will be paid to internal affairs of the country, and the economic machine of the country will start moving. Initiating to present 100-day plans can be the president’s proceedings in this regard.

People highly expect from the government and the new cabinet during this vital and significant condition of the country that in one side, the security forces are independently defending the country; in other side, other economic bodies are moving toward becoming self-sufficient.

Relying on local economy is another matter that economic-related ministries need to contemplate for as medium and long term plans as of now.  The international community indeed has committed to assist Afghanistan, but we cannot rely upon them as a lifetime assistance. 
Sustaining these assistances would be certainly harmful and disadvantageous since donations of other countries will be made in accordance with their stipulations. In other side, Afghans should not trample their pride and honor anymore but they need to release themselves from dependency to other countries.

As far as the latest act of the government officials with regard to 100-day plans is a worthwhile and advantageous step, but it is vital that the plans get implemented and people gain their noticeable outcomes.