Poverty; Main Enemy of Afghan People

07 Jul 2015

The president, along with delivering a message on the occasion of Ramadhan, has recently stated that the current imposed wars forbid us to directly go toward the main enemy of this territory, poverty and deprivation.

The price paid to fight against the warmongers could be utilized for struggling against poverty and destitution leading to more expansive development and welfare. Current war brings about sustaining poverty, harming the health sector, and prohibiting good governance.   

In the course of the last four decades, most of the funds have been spent to unwilling and imposed wars in Afghanistan where we were not only bereaved to build economic infrastructures but most of our incomes were allocated to the wars. Since the wars happened to continue during which each government on power spent most of its budget on defensive and security sector ending up the exclusion of other sectors.

Subsequent to formation of Interim Government, many countries assisted Afghanistan on various areas which those assistances, owing to existence of war and insecurity, weren’t spent on infrastructural areas to enable us to economically stand on our own feet.   

Calling poverty as the main enemy of Afghanistan, the president insisted on paying attention to eradicate it. Poverty and deprivation will definitely be eliminated when the economy of a country is improved, and economic is growing in case peace and stability dominates the country instead of war. All Afghans need to concentrate on peace, forgiveness, devotion and fraternity in the month of Ramadhan. 

The president also demonstrated to peace and reconciliation and stated, “By surrendering to call of Ulema (Religious Scholars), we have been ready to welcome every step toward peace and reconciliation as we have never supported bloodshed on our soil. Once again, in holy month of Ramadhan, we insist on our commitment for seeking peace and reconciliation in order that our citizens enjoy a peaceful life.

Afghans are thirsty for real and enduring peace. However peace, as a legitimate appeal of Afghans, has been hummed by different elements so that we have never been able to basically resolve our problems. Resorting to war which has internal and external elements is further motivator than peace and mutual tolerance. Now, this motivation should be altered and instead peace and reconciliation should be reflected as therapy of our longstanding suffers.

External elements provoking war in the country are revealed day to day and Afghans understand it. Our problems are not only rooted externally, as war has been altered to a culture among different groups of people, and its motivation factors have also varied in the course of time. 

Different reasons such as; independence of the country, struggling against enemies of the religion, fractional matters, corruption, counter against terrorism and foreigners, external elements cause fighting among Afghans. But at the end, poor and bereaved people will be the victim of this war.

All sides should understand that war neither obviates the problems nor is for the favor of our country but in contrary, it increases adversity. As Ramadhan is the month of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness; it is necessary that the government, armed oppositions, media, Religious Scholars, teachers and other Afghans exercise utmost to take the opportunities and go over past experiences of war in order to attain peace.  

When war comes to an end, its immense expenses will be eradicated; therefore, economic condition improves ending up removal of the real enemy of Afghanistan – poverty. As a result, let us get together to reconstruct our homeland and attain peace to our highest ability by which we will be able to prevent horrible consequences of war and save the country from poverty and deprivation.