Everybody to Take Part in Protecting Environment

06 Jul 2015

15th of Jawza coincided with June 5th is known as World Environment Day. This year, the day occurs while the National Unity Government is leading the government affairs.

Protection of the Environment, as everybody’s responsibility, requires individual and group efforts. Respecting the environment is the duty of all people. Almighty Allah is the creator and protector of the earth and every creature of the earth and heaven is praising Allah. Human-being, the caliph and creature of Almighty Allah, is responsible to try for development and construction of the earth.

Protection of the environment is considered as one of the most significant matters and also concerns of the human community in the era of industry and technology; moreover, the density in populated parts of the world has increased the problems. Similarly, in our country, emerging and increasing of technology and increasing population have greatly damaged the environment while developed countries have taken major steps to preserve the environment. But, owing to numerous challenges in our country, the problem gradually reaches to its crucial stage.

Destruction of the environment in dense and populated parts of the world threatens the life of the inhabitants. Nonetheless, many efforts are made in the world to protect the environment, but the residents of the earth haven’t accomplished what is necessary to be done.

Fortunately, an office called Environmental Protection Agency has been established in Afghanistan which didn’t exist in former governments with the current structure and TORs. In our country, actions are being taken to protect environment in spite of various challenges in this regard. 

Followers of the environment admire the earth like a gift of Almighty Allah in order to promote public awareness for protecting the environment, and to encourage the world to keep the earth clean and prevent its destruction and pollution.

Having this perspective with respect to the environment certainly requires to change the human’s behavior about the nature as well as the way to live and exploit the creatures on the earth. Animals on the earth particularly birds are gifts of Almighty Allah which should be protected in consideration of the religious orders and requirements of the world.

Challenges that we are facing regarding environment are inclusive of deforestation in different provinces, increasing population in big cities, construction of non-planned apartments and buildings in which regulations of environment have been ignored, furnaces, bakeries, out of date diesel vehicles, not observing the cleanliness of areas around the houses and so on.  These problems have plagued our country and people which we need to take action against and prevent the pollution of the environment to the best of our ability.  
Unfortunately, media are not attentive enough to guide, motivate and promote the culture of environment protection. As an important matter for everyone’s life and health, the need to environment protection is felt more than any other time.

It is hoped that all practical measures to be implemented within the upcoming years in order to specifically have a healthy and livable environment, and to get rid of living in dense and crowded cities as well as deliver a cheerful and vigorous generation to the country.

One of the priorities of the National Unity Government is to be attentive to protect the environment. The government is determined to work to the best of ability in this regard as environment, like security, is highly important for the country. If war and insecurity threaten our people, environmental chaos is far dangerous and harmful for our lives and sends hundreds of our folks to the hospitals and cemeteries on daily basis.