New Page between Afghanistan-Uzbekistan Relation
25 Jan 2021

Throughout history, Afghanistan has been known as the hub for power, economy, civilization and culture, and its geographic location has...

25 Jan 2021

Afghanistan is a country with diverse culture, different ethnic groups, and linguistic diversity. According to Shafiei Kadkani

The philosophy of creating the Women’s High Council
25 Jan 2021

H.E. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in accordance with the national constitution, issued a decree to...

Everybody to Take Part in Protecting Environment
06 Jul 2015

15th of Jawza coincided with June 5th is known as World Environment Day. This year, the day occurs while the National Unity Government is leading the government affairs.

Poverty; Main Enemy of Afghan People
07 Jul 2015

The president, along with delivering a message on the occasion of Ramadhan, has recently stated that the current imposed wars forbid us to directly go toward the main enemy of this territory, poverty and deprivation.

Work Plan of Ministries to Be Implemented
06 Jul 2015

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during opening session of presenting 100-day plans by the ministries which started on 5th of Jawza, said...

Maintaining Peace Requiring Everyone’s Effort
06 Jul 2015

The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting with Council of Ulima – Religious Scholars – have stated that they...