Exploitation of Domestic Products to Lead Economic Growth
06 Jul 2015

National Procurement Procedure has been approved at recent session of the National Procurement Commission chaired by the President.

Recent Incidents and Status of Afghanistan
05 Aug 2015

Coalition Forces gradually departed Afghanistan when their mission came to an end, and remained forces are said to have been taking part in training programs.

World Trade Organization’s Membership; opportunity or threat?
20 Dec 2015

Last Thursday Afghanistan could achieve World Trade Organization’s official membership in compliance with its standards, after 11 years of talks and efforts in this regard.

Government's effective measures to facilitate citizens' access to information
01 Nov 2016

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has recently issued a decree according to which public institutions and government officials are responsible to provide information to public on “appropriate” and “timely” manner.

Glimpse of Latest Visit of President to Turkmenistan
29 Nov 2016

Last Friday, President Ghani visited Turkmenistan to move forward his economic agenda in the region and to participate at “Global Sustainable Transport Conference”.

Afghanistan; Connectivity Chapter in the Region
28 Jan 2017

The Afghan government has focused and increased much of its efforts particularly in economic dimension to intensify, strengthen and develop regional connectivity.

Objectives of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's Accession to Open Government Partnership
22 Feb 2017

The National Unity Government (NUG) of Afghanistan has been initiating clusters of reform packages since taking office in 2014.