President's Words
We, the majority of the Afghan people, are relentlessly pursuing the vision of building the institutions of our Islamic Republic, enjoying internal peace and national unity and solidarity, serving as a hub of regional connectivity and a center of Islamic learning, and functioning as an Asian Roundabout and a platform of regional and global cooperation.


World Trade Organization’s Membership; opportunity or threat?
20 Dec 2015

Last Thursday Afghanistan could achieve World Trade Organization’s official membership in compliance with its standards, after 11 years of talks and efforts in this regard.

Recent Incidents and Status of Afghanistan
05 Aug 2015

Coalition Forces gradually departed Afghanistan when their mission came to an end, and remained forces are said to have been taking part in training programs.

Poverty; Main Enemy of Afghan People
07 Jul 2015

The president, along with delivering a message on the occasion of Ramadhan, has recently stated that the current imposed wars forbid us to directly go toward the main enemy of this territory, poverty and deprivation.

Exploitation of Domestic Products to Lead Economic Growth
06 Jul 2015

National Procurement Procedure has been approved at recent session of the National Procurement Commission chaired by the President.

Maintaining Peace Requiring Everyone’s Effort
06 Jul 2015

The president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in a meeting with Council of Ulima – Religious Scholars – have stated that they...

Work Plan of Ministries to Be Implemented
06 Jul 2015

President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during opening session of presenting 100-day plans by the ministries which started on 5th of Jawza, said...

Everybody to Take Part in Protecting Environment
06 Jul 2015

15th of Jawza coincided with June 5th is known as World Environment Day. This year, the day occurs while the National Unity Government is leading the government affairs.