Deputies of Chief of staff to the President

Biography of Sohrab Ahmad; Deputy Directorate for Technical Assistance and Program Coordination of OCS


Sohrab Ahmad was born in 1988 in Herat province, He completed his primary education in Turkmenistan, his secondary education in Kyrgyzstan, his high school education, university and master's degree programs in Canada. Sohrab Ahmad is a father of a girl and he is able to speak Dari, Pashto, and English fluently.

Sohrab Ahmad earned his bachelor's degree in political science from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, in 2011, with an emphasis on international relations history. Sohrab maintained his education till obtaining his master's degree in conflict studies from the same institution in 2014, as well as his competence in the field of peace and conflict studies. He returned to Afghanistan after graduation, and the political analyst began writing scholarly pieces for national and international publications.

After working as an expert in the Presidential Coordination Unit for a while, Sohrab joined the administration, He was named Special Assistant to the President after a year, furthermore, he was able to form a Special Assistant to the President and be the head of this unit with the President's consent. 

Also, he was able to build a large government network. During his mandate, he has focused entirely on youngsters. After resigning as Special Secretary to the President in 2009 in order to advocate for the state-building team, he attempted to organize the people and the younger generation for a period. 

After the elections in 2009, he was appointed by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the Deputy Coordinator of Presidential Programs in the office of the chief of staff, and he was mostly in charge of managing the President's programs. Though, by presidential order in 2020, Sohrab Ahmad was appointed as the Deputy Directorate for Technical Assistance and Program Coordination of OCS.