President’s Visit to Saudi Arabia

29 Jun 2015

It is obvious that Saudi Arabia’s role, as the center of Islamic world, cannot be ignored whether at political level and or public level in Afghanistan.

The treaty of friendship in 1932 between Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia was inked by Afghan Minister of Royal Court Sardar Ahmad Shah Khan, Chief of the political branch of the Supreme Bureau Yusuf Yasin, and Deputy Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah.

After formation of Interim Administration on Jady 1, 1380 (Dec 22, 2001), relations between the two countries were re-established at embassy levels. During Tokyo Conference on Dalw 1, 1380 (Jan 21, 2002), Saudi Arabia pledged to assist $220 million to Afghanistan. With repeated endeavors to end war and promote peace in Afghanistan, Afghan government has frequently insisted on the significant role that Saudi Arabia has in negotiation with the Taliban, and has asked for cooperation in this regard.

Having stated in his electoral campaigns, President Ghani commenced his cycle of visits from Saudi Arabia. It is worth mentioning that the president, during his administration, visited Saudi Arabia for the third time. President Ghani, besides circling the Holy Kaaba (Tawaf) and performance of Umrah pilgrimage, met and discussed with a number of Saudi Arabia’s high rank officials including King of Saudi Arabia Malik Salman bin Abdul Aziz. During the visit, discussions involved topics on strategic cooperation agreement, role of Saudi Arabia in peace process, securing stability in Afghanistan, economic matters, problems of Afghan traders and labors as well as resolving problems of Afghan Muslim pilgrims.