President’s Visit to Islamic Republic of Iran

29 Jun 2015

Islamic Republic of Iran is situated on western borders of Afghanistan having joint borders with Herat, Farah and Nimroz. Afghanistan and Iran share historical precedents. Iran has supported US-led international coalition against the Taliban although the two countries – The US and Iran – haven’t had diplomatic ties since 1357. 

Afghanistan and Iran has signed a security agreement. These two countries suffer from terrorism, narcotics and human smuggling. Chabahar of Iran is one of Afghanistan’s alternatives to reach the international water ports in order to transit commodities of Afghan traders. Also, Afghanistan can be a short and economical way to transit Iranian products to central Asia and China.

His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan leading a high-ranking delegation paid a visit to Iran in response to invitation of Dr. Hassan Roohani, The Iranian President on Hamal 30, 1394 (April 19, 2015). President Ghani was overwhelmingly welcomed by Iranian officials.

 Presidents of the two countries subsequent to meeting in Saad Abad Palace and discussing on extending ties on various regional areas, narcotics, refugees, transit of goods, energy and so on attended a press conference.

President Ghani hoped that cooperation between the two nations should be steadfast and stable based on the two counties’ 5000-year relations. The Afghan President also talked about cooperation of the two countries on countering against narcotics, issue of Harirood, gradually and voluntarily repatriation of refugees as well as placement of Afghanistan as the core center of transit, trade and energy.

In this press conference, Mr. Roohani, The Iranian President stated, “The opportunities for mutual and multilateral cooperation should be taken in order to transform the region from state of risk to peace, stability and prosperity. He added that the countries in the region, in particular Afghanistan and Iran, are seriously being encountered with danger and types of terrorism and both countries are giving sacrifices.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani also met and discussed with political-religious leader of Iran, Ayatullah Khamenaei. Besides, President Ghani happened to meet the representative of the refugees, Afghan students and a number of Iranian traders and answered their questions. 

Outcomes of Iran’s Visit

•Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Foreign Ministries of the two countries;

•Memorandum of Understanding on scientific cooperation between Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and Ministry of Science and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran.