President’s Visit to India

29 Jun 2015

Relations between our land and Indian Subcontinent have been deep-rooted in the history of both nations. Within 5000 years, these historical, political, religious and cultural interests have bonded peoples of the two countries with each other. Afghan dynasty in India and subsequently Mongol empire, each had opened distinct historical pages to spread culture and trade between the two countries.

Within 8 centuries of Islamic Civilization in India, Dari language has played a significant role in spreading and extending the culture of Khorasan – today known as Afghanistan – throughout Indian Subcontinent. Worthwhile works of scholars specifically Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi, Mirza Abdul Qadir Bidel, Amir Khusrow Balkhi Dehlavi and hundreds of other knowledgeable scholars who, as a matter of fact, are joint intellectual properties of both nations. 

Similarly, a number of Pashtun Tribes were traveling back and forth to Indian Subcontinent from the very past that many of whom have been assimilated with local people of the area. Over 5 million Pashtun people known as “Pathan” are currently living throughout India who have played a noteworthy role in physical and intellectual promotion of this country.

Afghan originated dynasties of India like Khilji, Lodi and Suri have interchangeably tried to build a systematic Indian administration where the efforts have been numerated as achievements and honor of the territory. Also, reforms of Shir Shah Suri are considered as the first cultural efforts in Indian history to have marked notable impacts through the history.

Historically, establishment of the first Indian Jala Watan State in 1916 in Kabul coincided with struggles for liberty in that country is another remarkable instance of friendship between the two nations which eventually Afghan Government of that time formally recognized India as an independent and sovereign government in 1947. The friendly relations have carried on till now.

In the midst of relations between Kabul and Islamabad, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, arrived at New Delhi – the Indian Capital – on Saur 7 of 1394 coincided with April 27, 2015. India has ranked as the fourth biggest donor country to Afghanistan after USA, UK and Germany. The Indian Government has aided over 2 billion dollars to run non-military projects and annually grants thousands of scholarships to Afghan students. 13,000 Afghan students are currently doing their higher studies at Indian Universities.

Afghanistan and India inked Strategic Partnership Agreement on October 2011 based on which India has pledged to strengthen infrastructures such as; construction of roads, agriculture, commerce, training human resources and enhancing the of security forces in Afghanistan. 
His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani paid a visit to India as an effort to spread mutual ties between the two countries. In this trip, President Ghani called on Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister and later on attended a joint press conference with the Indian PM.
Delivering his remarks at the press conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that his country never leaves Afghanistan alone in vital international and regional issues. He further added that cooperation of India and Afghanistan didn’t only limit to transformation decade in Afghanistan but would carry on to the future.

President Ghani in this press conference expressed, “India and Afghanistan are two countries with thousands of bonds and millions of memories. Others need to overcome their past in order to build the future, we will build the future based on our past.”

It is worth mentioning that President Ghani, on his visit to India, met Pranab Mukherjee his Indian counterpart and discussed about developing commercial and economic cooperation. Calling President Ghani’s visit productive, Mr. Mukherjee reciprocally added, “These meetings will have a positive outcome on ties between the two countries.”
Achievements of the Trip to India:

- Support of India to Afghan-led peace talks in accordance with respecting to the Afghan constitution as well as achievement of the past 14 years;
- Patronage of India from National Unity Government;
- Encouragement of Indian traders for a multi-billion-dollar investment in Afghanistan; 
- Formation of Afghanistan - India Chamber of Commerce; and
- Readiness of India for sustaining assistance on infrastructural areas within upcoming years