President Ghani’s Visit to China

11 Jun 2018

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a senior government delegation went to China on Saturday morning, June 9, 2018 to attend the eighteenth Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit. President Ghani was welcomed by Deputy Foreign Minister of China, Governor of Shandong State, Deputy Mayor of Chingdao, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan and Afghan Diplomats in China at the Qingdao Liotong International Airport and a Chinese child welcomed him by giving a bouquet of flowers.

 Before the meeting, president Ghani met with presidents of Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and China, and talked about regional cooperation, joint struggle against terrorism and the provision of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

 Meeting with Afghan businessmen in China and listening to their problems and suggestions was another part of the president's meeting.

 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his second day of visit, at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit talked about peace and regional connectivity and returned to Kabul on Sunday morning June 11, 2018

 Meeting with the President of Tajikistan

 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the President of Tajikistan on his first day of visit.

 The leaders of the two countries discussed the strengthening and expansion of bilateral and regional cooperation, particularly economic, trade, security and counter-terrorism cooperation.

 President of Tajikistan emphasized on the cooperation and regional joint struggle against terrorism, supporting the peace process led by the Afghan government and announcing of ceasefire with the Taliban and calling it important for peace and stability in the region.

 At this meeting President Ghani called the role of Tajikistan important in regional economic and transit cooperation and said that Tajikistan as an energy exporter and Afghanistan as the transit country has a significant role to play in the connectivity and economic development of the region.

Meeting with the President of Iran

 President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at the Saturday afternoon, June 9, 2018 met with Hassan Rohani President of Iran.

 The two sides called for expansion of cooperation in various fields, while emphasizing the joint struggle against global terrorism and drug trafficking, called the two phenomena a serious threat to the region, especially to Afghanistan and Iran.

Presidents of both countries assessed the economic and trade relations between Afghanistan and Iran positively.

At this meeting, the cooperation between the five committees in various areas was discussed, and two sides called for the acceleration of activities of the five committees.

President of Iran said that he would support any Afghan peace deal that would prevent war and bloodshed.

 Meeting with the President of Uzbekistan

 President Ghani in his meeting with President of Uzbekistan discussed about the development of relationship between the two countries and regional issues.

The two sides said about economic and trade cooperation that a major economic outlook is now emerging, and China-Afghanistan trade relations will be strengthened through Uzbekistan.

 At this meeting the launch of infrastructure projects such as power and railways network was discussed, and decided that the technical teams of the two countries would soon hold their meetings.

 Meeting with Businessmen

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in his second day of visit to China meet with Afghan businessmen in Chian and listened to their problems and demands

Businessmen, while appreciating the president, referred to the financial and time of export costs through the Pakistani port of Karachi and Bandar Abbas of Iran, calling for alternative and cheap way to be launched, mentioning the barriers to export cotton and fruit from Uzbekistan and Central Asia to China.

 They announced the creation of a large joint company between Afghanistan and China aimed at increasing Afghanistan's exports to China.

 President Ghani, while appreciating the success of Afghan businessmen in China, said that the problem of transit through Uzbekistan has been somewhat solved, and that the problems will be thoroughly resolved by establishing a center for packaging and exporting Afghan products in the city of Teremz, Uzbekistan.

 Meeting with the President of China

 President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani met with the President of China On the second day of his visit.

 At this meeting, the Chinese President said that we should strive to strengthen bilateral relations, and extending our cooperation with Afghanistan to ensure peace and stability in this country is a fundamental principle for us.

He appreciate the efforts of the President to build peace, stability and economic progress, and supported the peace offer and the ceasefire with the Taliban.

President Ghani said that we are close to the goal of peace, but the cooperation of friendly countries brings us closer to this goal.

He appreciated the efforts of the Chinese president for his demand from US President and Indian Prime Minister for their cooperation with Afghanistan.

At this meeting, the Presidents of the two countries emphasized on the ongoing discussions between Afghanistan and China in order to consolidate security, economic and cultural ties. 

Remarks  on the Occasion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

 President Ghani delivered remarks at the 18th occasion of SCO.

President said that the space of SCO, is experiencing one of those rare “open moments” of history, that a regional cooperation strategy can expand it to a continues opportunity. Such a strategy, by necessity, will require a change of perspective on the potential and problems of Afghanistan.

President Ghani referred to five issues that despite the immense cost by the imposed conflict, from five direction the prospects of people for becoming Afghanistan a platform for cooperation and connectivity are significantly approving;
First, suggestion of our comprehensive and unconditional offer of peace, reasons of Afghanistan’s Ulema to cease the conflict, and accepting of ceasefire by the Taliban during the Eid days, is the window for moving forward with Intra-Afghan peace talks.

Second, international partners through the US South Asia Strategy, Resolute Support Mission and supporting of Brussels Conference, and all of friends around the table have determined support to Afghanistan.

 Third, we are witnessing the emergence of a regional consensus on the need for a stable and connected Afghanistan. That the Tashkent Conference on Peace, China & India agreement on Afghanistan issue, development of our bilateral dialogue with Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, comprehensive dialogue with Iran and a framework agreement called APAPPS (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity) signed is the samples of that.

Fourth, our agenda of regional connectivity is making real progress. Development of three dry ports linked with railways, railways for connectivity of Chah-Bahar, Balkh-Herat railways, reaching of TAPI to Afghanistan borders, CASA-1000 is becoming a reality, significant private sector investment on energy and fiber optics, regional transit agreements and speed in expanding of air corridor, all are visible.

Fifth, we are accelerating the implementation of a comprehensive agenda of reform and transferring authority and power to a capable dynamic group of young and in implementation of anti-corruption strategy we have real progress, We are committed to holding parliamentary elections in 2018 and Presidential elections in 2019.

 President in his end of speech said that our progresses are real but it is facing with difficulties of terrorism and narcotic drugs that with these two evils should be confronted coherently, comprehensively and cooperatively.

Creation of a narrative of cooperation on the basis of win-win conception of Afghanistan as a platform of regional connectivity and cooperation, is the first step and then utilization of Shanghai spirit to create the necessary action plans for regional cooperation. Afghanistan is poised to function as an Asian Roundabout. It is not aid, but market access, transit investment and regional cooperation that we seek to assume our rightful place in the rank of developmental states and countries and serve as an anchor of international and regional stability.

Support of Shanghai’s Leaders from Afghanistan Peace process

 The leaders of Shanghai member countries supported the peace process in Afghanistan and the ceasefire and called the peace in Afghanistan important to the region's connection and progress, and committed to helping Afghanistan achieve peace and stability.

At this meeting, China's President Xie Jing Ping said that the member countries of Shanghai are committed to ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is important for the Shanghai organizationIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern over the security situation, terrorism and the growth of extremism in Afghanistan, calling on all members of the organization to support the idea of President Ghani to stabilize Afghanistan.

 He by referring to Daesh’s threat in Afghanistan, said, that the terrorist group has threatened democratic rules and structures in Afghanistan, and we must work within the framework of the Shanghai Organization to prevent these threats.

President of Kazakhstan said that the solution to the Afghanistan case is important to us, and in this regard, we cannot be disregard. He added that we are supporting the Afghan government and are ready to help Afghanistan through the Shanghai Organization to provide a stable and prosperous peace in the country.

r. Nursultan Nazarbayev said that projects for South-Asia, including Pakistan and Afghanistan, are under process, but in the first stage, the war must be ended in order to pave the way for the implementation of these projects.

 Mamnoon Hussain President of Pakistan supported the President Ghani’s peace plan and the announced cease-fire, adding that Pakistan has agreed with Afghanistan on peace and expressed its positive results.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also called terrorism a threat to the region and called on the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to co-operate with Afghanistan.

Imam Ali Rahman President of Tajikistan said, that the security of the region is dependent on Afghanistan security. He added that we are committed to Afghanistan in the field of social assistance and peace, and will expand our cooperation.

President of Uzbekistan Shaukat Mirzayev said, that we support peace and stability in Afghanistan, and that is why we set up a Tashkent conference that opened the door for dialogue.

Agreement of Creating Contact Group

On the side of the Conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an agreement was signed between the Secretary General of the SCO and Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, that based on a contact group will be established between Afghanistan and Shanghai Organization