International Trips

President Ghani’s Visit to China
11 Jun 2018

ohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a senior government delegation went to China on Saturday morning...

President’s Visit to United Arab Emirates (UAE)
29 Jun 2015

His Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, on Tuesday 23 Jady (Jan 14) last year, paid a two-day visit to UAE.

President’s Visit to Saudi Arabia
29 Jun 2015

It is obvious that Saudi Arabia’s role, as the center of Islamic world, cannot be ignored whether at political level and or public level in Afghanistan.

President’s Visit to People’s Republic of China
29 Jun 2015

A short review shows that Sino-Afghan historical and friendly ties on political, cultural, commercial and economic areas trace back to the time when Silk...

President’s Visit to Turkmenistan
29 Jun 2015

Turkmenistan a country with vast deserts, countless herds of livestock and enriching reserves of fuel and gas shares a 744-Kilometer joint border from...

President’s Visit to Islamic Republic of Iran
29 Jun 2015

Islamic Republic of Iran is situated on western borders of Afghanistan having joint borders with Herat, Farah and Nimroz. Afghanistan and Iran share historical...

President’s Visit to India
29 Jun 2015

Relations between our land and Indian Subcontinent have been deep-rooted in the history of both nations. Within 5000 years, these historical, political, religious...