Ministry of Commerce and Industries


Ministry of Commerce and Industry operates as a policy-making organization in the areas of trade facilitation, industrial development, investment promotion and private sector support and consumers.

The specific duties of this ministry consist of outlining and implementing of policies and strategies, coordinating of activities, and drafting and preparing of laws and regulations.

In the area of laws, the role of this ministry consists of drafting and preparing laws and ensuring that laws and regulations are enforced and implemented in an acceptable timeframe.

Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan as a facilitator and coordinator seeks to identify opportunities, reduce obstacles and threats in the way of domestic and foreign investment.

Ministry of Commerce and Industries has focused its duties within the framework of three strategic objectives:

- Developing and implementing a legal and regulatory framework that ensures effective economic activities in the market;

- Involving of Afghanistan in regional and global economy;

- Providing facilities for the development of a vibrant and competitive private sector.

The main tasks of the Ministry in the light of the strategic objectives include:

- Outlining and preparing of domestic and foreign trade policy in accordance with economic needs and public interest;

- Regulating import and export of national economy;

-Growing and developing of manufacturing industries and procurement market for Afghan products abroad;

- Encouraging and supporting of domestic and foreign private investments on the basis of market economy;

- Performing port services;

- and facilitating private sector development through outlining and implementing of specific policies.


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