Ministry of Economy


Ministry of Economy functions with the vision of “Social economic Development and Growth to ensure public welfare in Afghanistan”

In line with the vision, MoEC’s mission is to prepare economic policies on national level, incorporate sustainable development goals (SDG) in development programs and plans, bring coordination and coherence among social and economic plans, and monitor and evaluate the implementation of plans on national and local level. 

Ministry of Economy functions to achieve the following goals:

-Designing and preparing Economic Development Policy and Strategy of the state based on market economy and monitoring and controlling the implementation of economic activities throughout the country;

-Arranging and coordinating activities related to economic social, reconstruction, rehabilitation development areas throughout the country;

-Unifying and preparing programs on growth and balanced development related to areas of national economy in the capital and provinces to remove economic backwardness, enhance the people’s living level, and reduce poverty

-Raising GDP in compliance with the State policy as well as encouragement, support and reinforcement of private sector. 


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