Ministry of Women’s Affairs


The vision statement of Ministry of Women’s Affairs is defined as “Afghanistan has turned to a peaceful and prosperous country in which men and women enjoy equal rights, security and opportunities in all areas of life.”

In order to direct Afghanistan toward realizing the vision, MoWA has set its strategy aiming to eliminate discrimination against women, develop human resources for them, strengthen their leadership, and to ensure their proper and equal engagement in all areas of life.  

MoWA’s mission is to monitor offices and people so that, as a public responsibility, the ministry can address women’s issues and concerns over achieving gender equality in all working areas of the government such as; policies, budget, programs, projects, services and activities as well as in the areas of recruitment, education, promotions and allocation of benefits, and opportunities.

MoWA has set its major and strategic goals including elimination of gender discrimination against women, development of women’s human resources, and engagement of women in leadership and decision-making. The ministry functions to achieve these goals through realization of 8 objectives listed as below:

-Eliminating roots of violence against women

-Raising women’s  awareness and their training

-Reducing poverty, unemployment and mortality rate of women

-Expanding gender [equality] in public administration and society

-Providing opportunities and possibilities for women to grow

-Empowering women in management and leadership

-Improving women’s engagement and their efficiency in providing public services

-Women’s access to job, education, seeking justice, information and media


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