President's Words
We, the majority of the Afghan people, are relentlessly pursuing the vision of building the institutions of our Islamic Republic, enjoying internal peace and national unity and solidarity, serving as a hub of regional connectivity and a center of Islamic learning, and functioning as an Asian Roundabout and a platform of regional and global cooperation.


Cabinet Approves the Proposal of Residency Acquisition & Fundamental Reconstruction of Ahmad Shah Baba’s Grave
13 Jun 2018

The cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan approved the acquisition of land residency and Haram Sara of Ahmad Shah Baba & reconstruction of his grave.

The Action Plan on Anti-Corruption Strategy of 51 Government Institutions are Organized
29 May 2018

At the third meeting of special secretariat for anti-corruption with representatives of ministries & institutions in the Arg, it is presented that only 51 institutions & ministries have giving their...

Seven Contracts Worth 960 Million AFN Approved by the National Procurement Commission
20 May 2018

At the 150th meeting of the National Procurement Commission 7 contracts worth 960 million AFN approved.

21 Procurement Projects endorsed by the National Procurement Commission
07 May 2018

After reviewing the application of 26 contracts, at the 148th weekly meeting of National Procurement Commission under the chairmanship of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, 21 contracts and procurement suggestion...

NPC approves 17 contracts worth AFN 2.1 billion
11 Apr 2018

The National Procurement Commission at its 145th meeting, chaired by President Ghani, approved 17 contracts with the total value of AFN 2.1 billion and issued decision on airlift of...

Loan Fund for teachers will be established
05 Apr 2018

The Cabinet of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan approved the Ministry of Education’s plan on establishment of loan fund for teachers. 

Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat holds first session with government representatives
04 Apr 2018

Special Anti-Corruption Secretariat held its first session with 63 representatives from government offices and ministries, at the Presidential Palace, on implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy.