President's Words
We, the majority of the Afghan people, are relentlessly pursuing the vision of building the institutions of our Islamic Republic, enjoying internal peace and national unity and solidarity, serving as a hub of regional connectivity and a center of Islamic learning, and functioning as an Asian Roundabout and a platform of regional and global cooperation.


HEC approves National Export Strategy, establishment of Large Taxpayer Office
03 Apr 2018

The High Economic Council at its meeting, chaired by President Ghani, approved National Export Strategy and establishment of the Large Taxpayer Office.

NPC Approves 16 Contracts worth AFN 8.9 Billion
31 Mar 2018

The National Procurement Commission at its 144th weekly session, chaired by President Ghani, approved 16 contracts worth AFN 8.9 billion in the spheres of Hajj, higher education, road construction and internet services.

NPC Approves Procurement Project of 20Gig Bandwidth Internet from Kyrgyzstan
26 Mar 2018

National procurement Commission (NPC), at its 143rd weekly sessions, approved the procurement project of 20Gig bandwidth internet from Kyrgyzstan and...

HEC Approves Plans of Power Supply to Border Districts, Reduction of Internet Price
25 Mar 2018

The High Economic Council approved plans of power supply to border districts as well as reduction of internet prices.

NPC Approves 21 Contracts Worth AFN 5.5 Billion
21 Mar 2018

National Procument Commission at its 142nd meeting, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, assessed and approved 21 new contracts.

Cabinet Approves Draft Amendment in Civil Servant Law
06 Mar 2018

The Cabinet, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, in its extraordinary meeting approved the draft amendment and addition in some articles of Civil Servants Law.

Cabinet Approves Bankruptcy Draft Law and Discusses over 8 Legislative Documents
05 Mar 2018

The Cabinet in its extraordinary meeting, chaired by President Ashraf Ghani, while discussing over 8 legislative documents, approved draft law of Bankruptcy, including 8 chapters and 55 articles, and...