Meeting of the Economic Commission held

25 Apr 2022

The Economic Commission, headed by the Deputy PM, Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, has appointed a joint committee headed by the Ministry of Finance, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Da Afghanistan Bank, and representatives of the Economic Commission, and contracting companies to find a suitable solution to the problem of money orders and guarantees of the contracting companies and their remaining demands on the former administration. The Economic Commission also approved the proposal of the Ministry of Urban Development to build 150 small and medium-scale factories in the industrial park related to the Perozi project by Beijing-Nangarhar Construction and Manufacturing Company. After a detailed discussion at the meeting of the Economic Commission, it was decided that for 2700 tons of A80 oil imported to Afghanistan, the contracting companies must pay $25 per ton to the Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA), which was previously paid to the state-owned oil and gas company. The oil contracting companies will also pay $10 per ton to (ANSA) for repairing their laboratory equipment.