Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs, inaugurated the second phase of Kajaki Dam

27 Jul 2022

At the opening ceremony of this project, Hajji Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund said: "Foreigners did not build our country, but destroyed it, and now we are rebuilding it. This country is not built on foreign aid and charity. We will build our country with our own products. " The Deputy PM for Economic Affairs called on the officials of the Islamic Emirate to solve the problems of the people and show greater interest in public affairs than in their personal ones. Because this is the nation that made many sacrifices for the rule of the Islamic system and should not be forgotten. It is worth mentioning that with the implementation of this project, the power capacity of Kajaki Dam will increase from 51 to 151 megawatts and will cover Helmand and Kandahar provinces.