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The Contractual Suppliers of Schools Equipment in 12 Provinces were Deprived of Biddings

13 Jun 2018

Failure to complete supplies of school’s equipment by contractors in 12 provinces, including Bamyan and Daikundi, before the expiration of their donations, resulted the cancelation of contracts and the companies introduced to the process of deprivation of participation in procurement bids.

At the 153th meeting of the National Procurement Commission (NPC), which the proposed termination of contracts were approved, the Ministry of Education assigned to conduct comprehensive review of the capacity and function of the provincial education’s directors.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said, that lack of provision of schools equipment in these provinces, non-completion of contracts and utilization of donated aid of donors was due to non-commitment, capacity and negligence of the Ministry of Education’s related staff members at provincial level. He instructed, that this issue should be investigated and that the responsible authorities and staffs should be punished and prosecuted.

President said, that ineffective management of grants, especially in the field of education, is not acceptable for the leadership of national unity government, and it is a misery to the rights of people and students.

He added, that the management of education departments at provincial level should be reformed.

At this meeting, the commission approved several infrastructure contracts worth over 3 billion AFN.

The approved contracts included feasibility studies and design of an alternative tunnel for Salang, electricity dam in Khanabad, Kunduz, water supply project of Sultan Ghazi Baba Town in Laghman Province, second phase of the Farah provincial Drinking Water Project, contract for the procurement of vaccines for Afghan Hajjis, and health cleaning facilities of the Ministry of Public Health.

It is worth mentioning, that the Haji’s vaccine contracted with an Indian company through a state-to-state deal with India, which is more appropriate in terms of quality and price than in the past. On the other hand, the NPC restored the contract of Shulgara river consolidate project in Balkh province for further investigation.

At this meeting of commission, National & International observers from the Parliamentary Cooperation Against Corruption, Afghanistan Transparency Watch, and CSTC-A Resolute Support were Present.