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NPC approves in principle two mining projects in Badakhshan and Sar-e Pol

23 Sep 2018

The National Procurement Commission approved in principle the mining projects of Badakhshan gold and Balkhab copper, presented by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum at 164th NPC meeting.

The commission asked the Integrity Watch Afghanistan to probe the DLA Piper’s claim on presence of conflict of interest in contracts of Badakhshan gold and Balkhab copper mining projects at the Committee of Law.

NPC issued approval to grant consultancy services project for detailed design of Qaisar-Balamorghab to Laman ring road, and to amend contract duration of constructing second section of Urdo Khan Agricultural Farm canal and irrigation system in Enjil ditrict, Herat province, with no increase in the price.

The commission ordered that hereinafter all consultancy service projects for detailed road designs should be contracted as framework agreements.

President Ghani assigned the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to start investigating all contracts in that ministry and submit its report to Office of the President.

The president also directed that the authority to move process of signing contracts to be delegated to the Police headquarters for short term where Ministry of Interior and civil society organizations conduct supervision over those contracts. Also, President Ghani issued directives to ministries of Finance and Economy to ascertain alternative concepts including establishment of a separate authority to deal with Defense and Security forces procurement affairs. The issues were raised while the commission was discussing the cereal procurement contract for 404 Maiwand Police Zone.

The NPC members were joined by national and international observers from the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Caucus, Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Finance, Budget and National Economy committees of the Parliament, SIGAR and CSTC-A of the Resolute Support mission.