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Anybody that takes one step from imports to production and enables exports, he indeed takes a big step forward to a stable Afghanistan. Industrialists are not only the government’s development partners, but are partnering the country toward achieving stability.

Chief of Staff to the President meets with various classes of society from northern provinces

19 Jul 2020

Mohammad Shaker Kargar, Chief of Staff to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with ethnic elders, youth, civil activists, and women from Balkh, Baghlan, Takhar, Kunduz, Badakhshan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces this morning to discuss their challenges and recommendations.

The participants expressed their support for the programs of President Ashraf Ghani and the government and called for addressing the challenges and problems of their provinces, particularly improving the security status in the northern provinces.

Insecurity, lack of employment, lack of attention to agricultural growth, higher education, and school education were mentioned as the main challenges faced by the people of the Northern provinces. Each of the speakers, representing the people of their province, made specific suggestions for balanced growth and implementation of important development programs, production of national projects, provision of work, education, and training opportunities for youth, women, and the people.

Mohammad Shaker Kargar assured the participants that every issue mentioned in this meeting and the problems of the people of the north of the country will be seriously taken care of.

Referring to the security challenges and the peace negotiation process, Mr. Kargar said, “We believe that the leadership of the government is trying its best to conduct successful negotiations and ensure peace in the country.”

He added that peace will soon be ensured throughout the country and security problems, which are one of the main obstacles in the way of implementing public welfare projects and creating jobs for the people, will be eliminated.

Mr. Kargar stressed that an important program for poverty alleviation had been started, referring to the launch of the National Aid Program.

“The program covers 1.67 million families, and the government is determined to stand by its people in these difficult times,” added the chief of staff to the president while terming the program a significant step to support the poor families in the country.

Mohammad Shaker Kargar asked the participants to draw up specific plans for the implementation of public welfare projects in their neighborhoods so that the government leadership could provide the grounds for its implementation.

In the end, Mr. Kargar thanked the people for their active participation in national programs, their presence alongside the government, and promised to convey the suggestions and criticisms rose in this meeting to the President and to carry out the necessary actions.