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Anybody that takes one step from imports to production and enables exports, he indeed takes a big step forward to a stable Afghanistan. Industrialists are not only the government’s development partners, but are partnering the country toward achieving stability.

Chief of Staff Kargar met with youth from Pamir of Badakhshan

03 Jan 2021

Chief of Staff Mohammad Shakir Kargar met with youth and civil activists from Pamir of Badakhshan this afternoon in Char Chenar Palace.

Speaking on behalf of the youth regarding cultural and social involvement, Tila Khan Andeshmand stated that Pamiris have supported the values of republic and the current government during the last two decades, emphasizing that role and standing of the minorities shouldn't be overlooked in the peace negotiations.

Another representative Mazari Sultanzada alluded to the problems facing Pamiris, demanding an administrative division regarded as Pamir Province be established,  minorities be included in the government and political participation of minorities be strengthened. He also stressed that gains of the past two decades should not be lost.

Representing Pamiri women and girls, Noorafshar Saad Jawan spoke about the problems facing women and girls, urging for immediate attention of the Presidential Palace to build health clinics and educational institutions in Pamir of Badakhshan.

On his turn, Kargar briefed the participants about the President's major national programs and youth-centered politics, promising them that the government will bring to its focus the establishment of healthcare and educational centers, implementation of development projects, devising processes to provide the Pamiri youth with educational opportunities and scholarships in private and government universities as well as allowing for a meaningful participation of the Pamiri youth in central and local government administration.