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Anybody that takes one step from imports to production and enables exports, he indeed takes a big step forward to a stable Afghanistan. Industrialists are not only the government’s development partners, but are partnering the country toward achieving stability.

Chief of Staff Kargar meets with Afghan-Japan Hospital's Senior Medical Team

21 Jan 2021

Chief of Staff Mohammad Shaker Kargar met with chief surgeon Tariq Ahmad Akbari and other doctors of Afghan-Japan Hospital in his office yesterday afternoon.

The medical team of Afghan-Japan Hospital speaking of the hospital operations and the challenges being encountered with regard to delivering improved services and counter-COVID-19 struggles, presented their recommendations.

Having noted the challenges facing the hospital and the recommendations provided, Kargar appreciated the doctors and medical staff who are at the frontline of fight against COVID-19.

Kargar promised the medical team that he would share the challenges and recommendations with the President for immediate actions to be taken.