President's Words
We, the majority of the Afghan people, are relentlessly pursuing the vision of building the institutions of our Islamic Republic, enjoying internal peace and national unity and solidarity, serving as a hub of regional connectivity and a center of Islamic learning, and functioning as an Asian Roundabout and a platform of regional and global cooperation.

Office of Chief of Staff for the President

The Office of Chief of Staff to the President, is the working office of the President which is the basic reference for the administration execution of the authorities and duties of the president as per stated in the constitution. This office facilitates the implementation of presidential decrees, ordinance, directives and programs of the president in various fields and provide the government high officials relations with the president.

The Office of Chief of Staff to the President is located in the Presidential Palace (ARG) and as a presidential institution provides and makes work-relations with all the governmental and non-governmental organizations inside and outside the country.

This organization has three deputy under its structure which works under the chairmanship of the Office of Chief of Staff to the President:

  • Deputy of Policy, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Deputy of Strategic Communications and Media
  • Deputy of Resources and Administration