President's Words
We believe that the combination of industrialists, the state and society create the virtuous triangle of Afghanistan’s stability and welfare in which the Afghan industrialists are the base, because the countries themselves must be producers to exist. Our industrialists are the main element that embody our economic prospects and policies.

Main Discussion Points of the Cabinet Extraordinary Meeting on September 3, 2018

03 Sep 2018

  • Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Judiciary
  • Draft to amend, add and remove some provisions of the Inherent Affairs Law for military officers, NCOs and police sergeants
  • Draft Law on the Procedure for Obtaining Rights
  • Draft to amend and add provisions to the Law on Government Cases
  • Draft law to protect informers of corruption crimes
  • Draft Appendix 1, Penal Cold on military crimes
  • Draft to modify – add in – Article 461, the Penal Code
  • Draft to amend and add provisions to the Law on Land Management Affairs
  • Draft to modify some provisions of the Law on Land Expropriation
  • Draft Agreement between Kabul Municipality, Ministry of Information and Culture and Aga Khan Development Network on maintenance of historical gardens in Kabul
  • Agreed Scheme for the Shaida Copper Mine Contract in Herat Province