Remarks by President Ghani at the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan
05 Oct 2016

It is a privilege to express the heartfelt thanks of the Afghan nation.  Knowing the sorrow that follows from war and the loneliness of displacement...

Remarks by President Ghani at the Afghan Women Empowerment Program
04 Oct 2016

Afghan women are profiles in courage. There is a booklet in front of you. It is case studies of a number of leading women farmer, Ms. Nazira Rahman...

Speech by President Ghani at Warsaw Summit
09 Jul 2016

Thank you for the opportunity to provide an Afghan perspective on NATO, threats to our interconnected world and our efforts to

51st Munich Security Conference
08 Feb 2015

Terror has become a system in a distinctive ecology. Daesh [ISIS] is fast moving to stage four of its classic pattern.

London Conference on Afghanistan – 2014
04 Dec 2014

People of Afghanistan have reached political and social consensus on partnerships with the world and international partners.

Conversation on Fixing Failed States*; From Theory to Practice
04 Dec 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Chatham House. Delighted you could all join us this evening.

Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers
02 Dec 2014

We welcome the Resolute Support Mission as a new phase of partnership with NATO. Afghanistan has national and political consensus on the partnerships with the USA and NATO.