Anybody that takes one step from imports to production and enables exports, he indeed takes a big step forward to a stable Afghanistan. Industrialists are not only the government’s development partners, but are partnering the country toward achieving stability.

Peace doesn’t mean to overrun the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Peace means investment on a common cause and peaceful coexistence under an inclusive government that guarantees the dignity of Afghans.

Stability and strength of Afghanistan, our ancestral home, is the sole aspiration of every Afghan. It is one home; it is our home; it is our common home; and this is our Afghanistan. We have gathered here in Consultative Loya Jirga for Peace to speak in concord and hand in hand enunciate our unity. A nation which has endured common pain and suffering would have a common solution.

Reaching a political settlement neither determines the winner nor the loser. Indeed; children, women, orphans and particularly people and future generations of Afghanistan will be the winners of peace.

The key to Afghanistan's stability is agriculture and the key to its prosperity is mines and petroleum...Afghanisntan's assets are owned by the nation. We, in government, are only custodians, not the owners.

We are proving that regional connectivity and cooperation is not a theory or a myth, but a reality that translates into immense mutual benefit.

We are committed to ensure peace and prevent any conceivable tragedy and collapse, but values namely national unity, national sovereignty, territorial integrity, a functional and powerful government, and basic rights of the citizens are unnegotiable.