President's Words
Connectivity is the core goal of people, government and economic stratum of Afghanistan. We are the people seeking for connectivity, not separation. We neither want division nor isolation; we want connection and cooperation. Opening of Lapis Lazuli corridor doesn’t signify closure of other routes between Afghanistan and South Asia; in reverse, Lapis Lazuli links South Asia with Central Asia, the Caucasus and Europe.


We, by the sacrifices of security forces & national unity could convince the world, and now Afghanistan is at the center of the international community’s attention. This consensus have taken shape towards Afghanistan after 40 years. We strengthen the system through the reinforcement of law, justice and contemplation, and no one including myself, don’t have the permission to eliminate the country’s benefit.

We must all be sure that what our security and defense forces will do at the cost of their blood and head will not be lost in the field of politics. Particularly our sisters be assured that the law on women, incorporated into the constitution, will be defended by the state in all respects.

The Holy Quran says “Wassulhu Khair” meaning peace is the best. Peace is the best choice not only for us and for our people but also for those who are in the trenches of rebellion. I once again call on Taliban groups to respect the divine call, the people’s want and sincere efforts of Jihadi leaders, and embrace the call of peace. Why use violence when grounds for talks and negotiations are open? What answer they have for the saying of God? That he said in the Quran verse 61 of Infal; “if you see that your opponents are welling to peace and reconciliation, you should also go for peace.”

The government and people of Afghanistan’s determination is to bring peace. If we stood against a peaceful solution, today [they] would legitimize this war. We are determined to ensure peace because the people need peace like air for living. But, we need to have willing to be able to reinforce the real peace. We never accept that peace where, God forbids, Afghanistan’s geography is divided. [We] do not admit that peace in which women’s rights and Afghanistan Constitution are questioned.

Some (countries) in the region export terrorism, but our three countries’ – Afghanistan, Iran and India – export is hope, trust and cooperation. Meantime, this is our message that the entire region can take part in this joint cooperation and connectivity. Central Asia, Europe and China are parts of this vision and shared determination.

The key to our success is largely depending on our ability to transform the government's rooted culture of corruption into a citizen-oriented governance system.

What is our fundamental problem that people, private sector and government cannot assemble? Our problems are corruption, lack of commitment, not taking the time serious, and culture of being boss. Government is the only service tools for the people. Stability will not come through weapon, but through trust of people on government. I promised that I will fight against corruption, and those who work for the people should be appreciated and work further with the private sector.