In a country where, daily war takes lives of our most beloved ones, bringing peace wants a huge price from us. The message that we receive from blood of martyrs, tells us that for the peace & stability of the country we should struggle and tells the cheaters that every dead is not Shahadat, and the dead which kills the innocent and sacrifice the women, are suicide, as per Quran Says, this kills yourself and others, and also it demolish other world as well.

Everyone affirmed in the history of the world, and all the experienced officers of the world admitted that in the last two centuries, the Afghan soldiers are exceptional. Hence, paying attention to their sacrifices is proud. Our system needs to be reformed and Afghanistan's internal security forces and defense forces are should be removed from the political interference. Generals should do their job, advocacy to the advocates, politics for the politician and the defense of the country for all.

Our rivers’ waters flows toward others. Our waters through floods become the destruction tool as well. In the next ten years, each drop of our water will gain the value of our neighbor’s drops of oil or higher than that. Thus, it is needed that [we] properly manage our water resources.

We don’t have a more comprehensive message than this; we should hear from the innocent children. That what we, the passing generation, done for them and how [we] turn into a bridge. The message of Afghanistan’s children is the failed result of our past.

This is not the matter what legacy I have inherited; the history will judge it what changes we will bring to this legacy. At any cost, [we] will make this legacy a good one for future.

No individual politicians, hereinafter, would be permitted to have local police; all local police cadres operate under command of City Police and are only accountable for the government. Our aim are to build a service-full government not a dictator or unresponsive.

“I celebrate the day when my order is rejected by Afghanistan’s Supreme Court based on the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.”